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Why the increase in sleeplessness these days? Is it because of COVID-19 or something else? In this episode we discuss potential causes as well as one of many approaches an acupuncturist can take in treating this disorders.

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In this video, I talk about:
- what is insomnia
- acupuncture for insomnia
- causes of insomnia
- symptoms of insomnia
- treatment for insomnia
- can the coronavirus cause insomnia
- why can't I sleep
- worry
- why am I so worried
- can anxiety cause insomnia
- can acupuncture treat insomnia
- can acupuncture treat anxiety
- how effective is acupuncture in treating insomnia
- coping with anxiety and insomnia during covid-19
- spleen deficiency
- what is shen in Chinese medicine

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- what are the effects of the coronavirus
- coronavirus medicine
- acupuncture for coronavirus symptoms
- traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) benefits
- how to cope with insomnia
- how to stop worrying
- acupuncture for spleen meridian
- acupuncture for heart meridian
- acupuncture for pericardium meridian
- acupuncture for lung meridian

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